IHA terveiset MM Garda 2023

Ajankohta siis muuttunut heinäkuun alusta heinä elokuun taitteeseen.
Tämä on kaikille, jotka eivät ole Gardalla purjehtineet, ”unelma reissun” paikka.

Alla kansainvälisen liiton Mads Korsgaardin info kirje.

T. pj Pihvi

Dear Chairmen for National H-boat associations (NHA) and representatives for countries aiming to form a NHA

It is a pleasure to relay that it is now confirmed that the World cup 2023 will be on Lake Garda, Italy, during these dates:
• 30-31st July 2023, measurement
• 1-4th August 2023, racing
• Pre-Worlds “Alpen pokal” is 27-29th July 2023

Please all share this information on your national websites as IHA will post is our h-boat.org in the nearest future.

While we are looking forward to racing on lake Garda, don’t forget to enter also for the 2022 World Cup in Warnemunde, 3-8th July 2022. Entry is done on manage2sail.com – direct link

Looking forward to seeing many boats on the race course and I wish you all good winds.

Sincerely Yours

Mads P.G. Korsgaard,
President, IHA


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